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Port City Airconditioning's selected technicians are employed for their expertise and skill with pubs and clubs to ensure professional service. Our maintenance programs are comprehensive yet affordable to ensure your equipment runs at peak performance. Our breakdown service is available 24/7 365 days and we pride ourselves on being prompt and committed. Our techs are experienced with Glycol beverage reticulation, under bench fridges, Commercial refrigerated displays, cool rooms, freezer rooms and all the other diverse equipment required at recreation club. Our electricians can provide you with even more solutions as you discover the dual trade licences and solutions of Port City provides.

Our commitment to commercial refrigeration clients is to maintain all equipment to peak performance and respond to breakdowns in a timely manner. Please read the testimonial below from Tony Ward, owner of Kin Kora, Kirkwood, City and Calliope McDonalds Restaurants.

“Port City Air Conditioning have been providing a scheduled maintenance and breakdown repair works on all air conditioning plant and mechanical services equipment, as well as new installations. I find their service to be reliable and professional and would not hesitate to recommend them to business owners in the hospitality sector.”

Tony Ward - Owner McDonalds Gladstone, Kin Kora, Calliope and Kirkwood