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Air Conditioner Size Calculator

Simply fill out the details below to calculate the capacity of the air conditioner you’ll need for your residential room. Please note; all fields are compulsory.

What is the total floor area you require to be air conditioned? This is done by multiplying the width of the room by the length of the room. For example; a 10m x 10m room would be 100m2

In the area you would like to air condition what direction are the windows facing? If you have two windows facing different directions please select the largest window.

Ceiling Insulation

Does the area you would like to air condition have insulation above the ceiling space (you may need to look up in the man hole to check this). Another floor above would be classed as a yes.


  1. This calculator is for domestic applications only.
  2. This calculator does not allow for any other large potential heat sources in the room like sunroofs, commercial cookers and water features.
  3. This calculator assumes there so no infiltration of outside air and all windows and doors will be completely closed.
  4. This calculator assumes there are no extraction fans present and all conditioned air can be contained.
  5. This calculator provides for 1 person every 16 square meters and an independent heat load calculation should be carried out for areas expecting larger populations of people on a regular basis.

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