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Q – How do I work out the correct size air conditioner for my area?

A – You can use our air conditioner sizing calculator on our home page to do this. Fill out the simple questions within the calculator and it will give you and answer in Kilowatts.

Q – What brand air conditioner do you recommend?

A – It all depends on what warranty agents will travel to your area (it is pointless to purchase an air conditioner with five years warranty if the brands authorized warranty agents won’t travel to your area to carry out warranty) but generally Daikin, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric & Actronair are the top shelf brands and generally travel everywhere to carry out warranty work.

Q – What is your breakdown service rates?

A – We charge a mandatory call out fee of $110 + GST which covers your first hour of diagnostics & repairs. We then charge $90 + GST an hour thereafter. All materials are charged accordingly.

Q – Do you charge for travel?

A – We cover a very large area with offices in Rockhampton & Gladstone. We don’t charge travel in these areas. We carry out work in the Central Highlands and if we are in the area you will also not be charged travel.

Q – Will you install an air conditioner that we have bought from elsewhere?

A – Sure, not a problem at all. Call 1300 PORT CITY to arrange a quote for installation.

Q – How much do you charge to install a wall mounted split system?

A – Prices can range depending on system size and difficulty of installation. As a general rule we charge about $660 inc GST to install systems from 2 to 5 Kilowatts and about $880 inc GST to install systems from 6 to 9 kilowatts. All these prices are based on a simple back to back installation and include the electrical circuit.

Q – How important is maintenance to an air conditioner.

A – Extremely important – You can carry out simple maintenance yourself by cleaning the filters once a month, this will increase performance and increase energy efficiency. I get many calls that “my air conditioner is not working like it use to”. This is most probably because the indoor coil and fan barrel is blocked. If you get us to carry out maintenance every year we will ensure that this does not happen. You consume twice as much electricity if a system is blocked or choked. See our "Preventative Maintenance Program" page for info & pricing on preventative maintenance.